Automate Phishing Workflows

Reduce workloads and reclaim precious analyst capacity by automating phishing alert triage and investigation with AI and machine learning.

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Phishing Alerts are a SecOps Burden

  • Overwhelmed Teams

    The sheer volume of phishing alerts faced by security teams often results in unaddressed alerts, backlogs, or dedicated staff to handle.

  • Wasted Time & Effort

    As much as 95% of user-reported emails actually turn out to be safe, thus efforts used on triage could have been better spent on other tasks.

  • Evolving Threats

    Phishing attacks are constantly evolving, with attackers using new tactics and technologies to bypass security measures. It can be difficult for security teams to keep up.

Autonomous Phishing Triage & Investigation

Our machine learning-powered, autonomous decision-making engine triages every alert and performs a full investigation of all discovered phishing incidents. This happens at a scale, consistency, and quality only achievable with software, with results equal to those of your best analyst.

Every phishing alert is subject to scrutiny by dozens of tests, checks, and techniques.

Find Everything

Have peace of mind that all related information to a phishing alert will be thoroughly investigated. The system is designed to extract all URLs, links, and redirects, locate all associated files, and even extract links from discovered documents, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of each alert.

React like a Human

Get the speed and efficiency of automation combined with the ability to perform human-like analysis. Radiant Security can load URLs into real browsers, detect login forms that may steal credentials, solve captchas to access protected content, and evaluate alerts based on past phishing triage experience. By analyzing a phishing website to understand its behaviors and intent, Radiant Security gets a comprehensive understanding of the threat it poses.

Surpass Human Analysis

Leverage machine learning for triage and investigation. The system learns your environment and access patterns, leverages relationships and system usage to provide context to alerts and to reach conclusions that would not be possible with human analysts alone. 

Incorporate Industry Knowledge

Utilize industry knowledge and data feeds within phishing workflows. Automatically check every URL and file against six out-of-the-box threat intel feeds, investigate incident scopes based on known phishing attack patterns, cross-references domains with Google indexing, and create containment and remediation plans based on industry best practices.