Radiant Security Announces Revolutionary AI-Powered SOC Co-Pilot

The company’s debut offering will boost security team productivity and enhance incident detection and response.

LAS VEGAS & SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BLACK HAT —Radiant Security, today entered the market with its groundbreaking AI-powered SOC co-pilot. The industry-first solution empowers security operations centers (SOCs) to harness the power of AI to boost security analyst productivity, detect more real attacks, and greatly reduce incident remediation times.

Despite decades of effort, SOCs still struggle to build effective security operations programs capable of preventing breaches due to an ongoing reliance on manual effort. With increasing attack complexity, growing attack surfaces, and a declining supply of skilled analysts1, the situation is only getting worse; according to Verizon DBIR stats, breaches are up 581% between 2012 and 2022.

Today’s SOC model fails to overcome these crucial problems:

  • Insufficient SOC Staffing: SOCs are often understaffed and struggling to complete workloads.
  • Missing Real Threats: Real attacks are hidden in a sea of false positives and they are frequently missed, either partially or entirely.
  • Slow, Incomplete Response: The prolonged detection and complex, manual processes result in prolonged dwell and remediation times. This enables adversaries to inflict more damage.

“It was never feasible for SOC analysts to review every alert they received. There aren’t enough hours in the day or analysts in the SOC for this to work. Instead, alerts end up being filtered out or left unaddressed, thus creating blindspots where attacks can go undetected,” remarked Barry Shteiman, CTO and Co-founder of Radiant Security. “SOCs need a way to accurately review every security alert, with the skill of their best analyst—AI makes this possible.”

The Radiant co-pilot boosts SOC effectiveness and productivity by streamlining and automating:

  • Alert triage to dynamically review every security alert for maliciousness and ensure no attack is missed.
  • Incident investigationroot cause analysis, and incident scope to detect real incidents and help analysts know exactly what happened.
  • Incident containment and remediation to reduce response times from days to minutes.
  • Escalation & approval workflows to take corrective actions.
  • Resiliency improvements to reduce the likelihood of incident recurrence.

“With Radiant Security’s co-pilot, we can rest easy knowing that the repetitive and time-consuming work of triaging and investigating security alerts is being taken care of,” commented Josh Lanners, Director, IT Operations & Security at Nutcracker Therapeutics. “Thanks to the visibility provided by Radiant, I trust that any incidents have been fully vetted by the system before they reach me.”

Radiant helps SOCs find more attacks by deeply investigating every malicious alert. The output of Radiant’s automated investigation is a decision-ready summary that provides analysts with crucial context—like the root cause, incident scope, and a complete map of the attack, even if it traverses multiple data sources, users, and hosts—so they can easily understand exactly what happened.

“SOCs don’t have the time, and in many cases, the skill needed to perform a proper investigation of every incident,” commented Shahar Ben-Hador, CEO and Co-founder of Radiant Security. “Radiant makes it possible to do just that. And, by deeply scrutinizing every alert, SOCs can find more true threats and get more out of their existing security investments.”

For every malicious incident detected, Radiant’s SOC co-pilot automatically builds a customized, incident-specific response plan that identifies security issues and the containment and remediation actions that address them. Analysts are enabled to rapidly respond to the incident via step-by-step remediation instructions, one-click remediation from the UI, or via fully automated response. The result is drastically reduced response times; from days to minutes.

“By using Radiant for triage and investigation, we were able to significantly reduce response times and improve our visibility into the scope of incidents and their affected systems,” commented Mike Butler, Director-Information Security Operations at Spellman High Voltage Electronics Corporation. “Our team no longer has to sift through countless alerts manually and can focus on more strategic initiatives.”

To learn more about our AI-powered SOC co-pilot, visit the Radiant Security team at the Black Hat Conference, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, August 9th and 10th, 2023 or visit us at https://radiantsecurity.ai.

About Radiant Security:

Radiant Security is an AI-powered security co-pilot for the SOC. Radiant enables SOCs to harness the power of AI to boost analyst productivity, detect real attacks through unlimited in-depth investigation, and rapidly respond to incidents. Deployed in minutes via API, Radiant Security provides rapid time to value and immediately reduces analyst workloads by as much as 95%.

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Alyssa Pallotti
Touchdown PR for Radiant Security