SOC Analysts

Autonomously triage and investigate every security alert with the quality of your best analyst, at any scale.

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Reinforce your SOC with AI Analysts

  • Minimize Organizational Exposure

    Unlimited capacity to handle alerts, eliminate blind spots, track down real incidents, and remediate security issues—with the skill of an elite analyst. 

  • Enhance Analysts’ Effectiveness

    Eliminate alert fatigue and empower analysts to focus on strategic tasks, while improving retention and hiring abilities in a tight cyber-talent market.

  • Maximize ROI on your Existing Investments

    Use AI to find more real attacks with your existing security tools, investigate more deeply, and respond more rapidly.

Automate Triage & Investigation of Every Alert

The easiest way to find a needle in the haystack is to remove the haystack. Radiant unearths REAL attacks by using AI to inspect EVERY alert to determine maliciousness, regardless of volume.

Obtain Decision Ready Incident Analysis

Radiant turbocharges analyst productivity by providing all the info an analyst needs to understand an incident by the time the see it, including:

  • A concise incident summary and scope – what happened?
  • Root cause analysis – what caused it?
  • Uncovered security issues – what needs to be fixed?
  • An incident specific response plan – how it should be fixed?

How our AI SOC Analysts Work

With the Radiant your team can get more done, find more attacks, & respond more rapidly.

Respond More Rapidly

The key to truly rapid containment and remediation is automating triage and investigation. Armed with decision-ready incident analysis, incident specific response plans, and one-click containment and remediation, SOCs can lower response times from days to minutes.

Enable Junior Analysts

With the help of an AI assistant, junior analysts turn into ultra-productive expert analysts. Radiant also teaches less experienced team members how to triage alerts, conduct investigations and respond to incidents according to industry best practices, using your security tools.

Learn Continuously

Boost accuracy by continuously learning about your environment, its tooling, behavior, and activity. Evaluate every alert and incident within the context of normal operations.


Josh Lanners
Josh Lanners

Director, IT Operations & Security

Nutcracker Therapeutics

“With Radiant Security’s autonomous security operations, we can rest easy knowing that the tedious and time-consuming work of triaging and investigating security alerts is being taken care of.”

Michael Butler

Director of Information Security & Governance

Spellman High Voltage Electronics Corporation

“With Radiant Security, we are able to significantly reduce response times and improve our visibility into the scope of incidents and their affected systems”

Eric Sanchez

Global CISO

Kyowa Kirin, Inc.

“Radiant’s ability to reduce observable risk in our enviornment is truly impressive. It helps us tackle real business problems like minimizing our attack surface and lowering our mean time to remediation.“

Kenneth Newton


Second Wave Delivery Systems

“Radiant enables teams to broaden their detection & response capabilities using AI. It expands the technical security abilities and unifies threat responses of SOC teams”

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