Your AI-powered SOC Co-pilot

Harness the power of AI in your SOC to boost analyst productivity, detect real attacks through unlimited in-depth investigation, and rapidly respond to incidents.

Benefits of an AI-powered SOC Co-pilot

  • Unlimited Capacity
    Triage Every Alert

    Automate alert triage to ensure every alert is addressed, thus eliminating potential gaps in your security operations.

  • Reduced Workloads
    Detect More Incidents

    Deeply investigate every alert to uncover real incidents, their root cause, and to track attacks wherever they go—so nothing is missed.

  • Better Outcomes
    Respond More Rapidly

    Intelligently automate containment and remediation of all uncovered security issues, using security best practices.

Automate Triage & Investigation

SOCs don’t have enough staff or hours in the day to triage and investigate every alert that comes their way. As a result, work is left undone and attacks can slip through the cracks. Radiant uses AI to automate these time-consuming tasks and deliver outstanding security results. 

  • Unlimited Alert Triage – Obtain limitless triage capacity by using AI to automatically select and perform dozens to hundreds of tests that will determine an alert’s maliciousness.
  • Complete Impact Analysis – Automatically determine root cause analysis and uncover all affected users, devices, and applications, for every incident. This ensures no parts of an attack are missed during response.

Detect Real Attacks

Security has a detection problem—it detects too much, and most of it is just noise. This makes it nearly impossible for analysts to find the alerts that really matter. Radiant finds real attacks by deeply investigating every last alert using AI.

  • Investigate Everything- Uncover real attacks by performing in-depth automated investigations of every alert, with the skill of your best analyst. 
  • Understand Root Cause – Automatically determine the root cause and full scope of every incident to easily understand what transpired.
  • See the Full Attack – Stitch together data sources like email, endpoint, network, and identity to follow attacks wherever they go, so nothing gets missed.

How our SOC Co-Pilot Works

With the Radiant AI-powered SOC co-pilot, your team can get more done, find more attacks, & respond more rapidly.

Respond in a Fraction of the Time

Incident response is complex, time-consuming work. This plus the scarcity of analyst cycles leads to long dwell and response times. Radiant slashes response times by streamlining and automating triage, investigation, and response of detected issues.

  • Intelligent Automation  – Radiant dynamically builds a response plan for analysts based on the specific needs of the uncovered security issues. Analysts can then automate or manually perform the corrective actions.
  • Flexible Operation – Work within your preferred automation comfort level. Radiant provides step-by-step remediation guidance to your security analysts, one-click remediation, or fully-automated response.

Enable Junior Analysts

There is a well known shortage of cybersecurity talent. Luckily with the help of Radiant as a co-pilot SOCs can still thrive using junior, hire-able talent.

  • Increase Security Knowledge – With Radiant, fresh-out-of-school team members can quickly become valuable contributors. Step-by-step guidance on how to handle incidents using your toolset helps analysts quickly learn security best practices.
  • Boost Efficiency and Output – With the help of a Radiant’s automated triage and investigation, and step by step remediation guidance, junior analysts can significantly enhance your SOC’s productivity. 

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