Why Radiant Security

Setup in minutes. Zero missed incidents.
10-minute average remediation times.

How it works

An autonomous decision making engine emulates the process of triage & investigation used by top-tier analysts. The system provides context-aware containment & remediation guidance, and automates response tasks at the click of a button.

Incident Lifecycle

The Platform Components

Autonomous Decision-making Engine

This engine emulates the question-and-answer processes used by analysts during triage and investigation. It automatically determines what questions to ask, retrieves and interprets results from the knowledge graph, and works triage and investigation to completion.

Radiant Security Knowledge Graph

A knowledge graph that ingests and stores data from your security and IT tooling and uses ML and AI to continuously learn about your environment. This provides a detailed, always up-to-date data repository for the decision-making engine to query.

Customized Response Plan

Prescriptive guidance on how to contain and remediate the affected systems in your environment, using your toolset. Each step in every tool — including the exact buttons to click or scripts to run — is provided to analysts.