AI SOC Analyst

Sets up in minutes and works day one to boost analyst productivity, detect real incidents, and enable rapid response.

How it Works

Radiant’s AI SOC Analyst streamlines and automate tedious tasks in the SOC to boost analyst productivity, uncover real attacks through investigation, and enable your human analysts to respond more rapidly.

Turbocharge SOC Workflows With The Help of AI

Automated Detection, Triage, & Investigation

  • Automated TriageAutomatically inspect all elements of suspicious alerts using an AI SOC analyst, then dynamically
    selects & performs dozens to hundreds of tests to determine if an alert is malicious.
  • Impact Analysis – Analyze all malicious alerts to understand detected issues’ root cause and complete incident scope with all affected users, machines, applications, and more.
  • Data Stitching – Stitch together data sources like email, endpoint, network, and identity to follow attacks wherever they go, so nothing gets missed.
Automated Detection, Triage, & Investigation - Radiant Security

Rapid Containment & Remediation

  • Incident specific responseRadiant dynamically builds a response plan for analysts based on the specific containment and remediation needs of the security issues uncovered during incident impact analysis.
  • Automated response – Analysts can automate or manually perform the corrective actions to correct each security issue for rapid, effective response.

Escalations & Approvals

Taking corrective actions to address an incident often involves tasks which require approval, such as disabling an account or isolating a device from the corporate network. Radiant can automate your existing escalation chains and approval processes to efficiently obtain permission to perform corrective actions. 

Identity Access Alert Radiant Security

Communication Workflows

Automatically keep affected users, and stakeholders informed by leveraging your existing productivity tools (e.g., Slack, Teams, Email, etc.) for seamless communication. This ensures rapid response and uninterrupted workflows, to keep your team moving and your response times low.

Communication workflows - Teams, Slack, & Email

Resiliency Improvement

After an incident has been handled, it’s important to improve your security posture. As part of each incident’s custom response plan, Radiant automatically recommends actions that can be taken to enhance your environment’s resiliency against similar threats, reducing the likelihood of future incidents of the same nature.

Resiliency Improvement Suggestion Radiant Security

What You Get

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    Quick time-to-value

    Deployment takes minutes and then the system immediately begins yielding results similar to a seasoned analyst familiar with your environment.

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    Deep Security Expertise

    Our system automatically adapts to evolving threats so that incidents are always handled with current best practices.

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    Reduced Workloads

    Automating triage and investigation reduces analysts workloads by as much as 95%.

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    Peace of Mind

    Every single alert is triaged until it’s found to be malicious or benign. Nothing is filtered out or slips through the cracks.

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    Higher Quality Results

    Every incident is triaged and investigated consistently, in a data driven way, equal to the work of your best analyst.

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    Lower Costs

    Taking an autonomous approach to security operations is typically less than 50% of the cost of an MDR.

Radiant Security vs. Common Security Operations Approaches

In-house SOC



(Based on Software)


(Based on contract)


(Based on analyst capacity)



(Based on data)


(based on vendor & analyst)


(Depends on analyst)



Triage & investigate every alert


Filters results alerts to find riskiest, creates blindspots.

Best effort



Every analyst is different


Every analyst is different


Full incident lifecycle
Triage only
Full incident lifecycle

Institutional Knowledge


Based on continuous learning of environment


Depends on analyst



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