Solve SOC Productivity Challenges

Ease your hiring woes. Get more out of each team member, enable junior staff members to perform like seasoned vets, and improve analyst morale for better retention.

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You Simply Can’t Hire Enough Skilled Staff

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    There are 3.4M open cyber security roles, up 26.2% this year.

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    The demand for cybersecurity talent is growing at twice the rate of the available workforce

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    70% of organizations say they do not have enough cybersecurity employees

How Radiant Solves SOC Staffing Shortages

With Radiant, you can effectively improve analyst retention and morale by changing the nature of their day-to-day work, expand your hiring options to include junior and readily available candidates, and enhance overall productivity through AI-based automation. This, in turn, helps reduce your reliance on frequent staff recruitment and enables you to accomplish more with each team member.

Make Junior Analysts Perform like Seasoned Vets

Radiant helps alleviate the concerns with hiring junior candidates.

Empower Junior Analysts – With Radiant, fresh-out-of-school candidates can quickly become valuable contributors by leveraging step-by-step guidance to handle incidents, using your existing tools, and learning security best practices.

Perform Higher Value Tasks – Radiant’s autonomous triage and comprehensive impact analysis enable junior analysts to take on responsibilities previously reserved for senior staff, such as root cause analysis, forensic investigation, and incident response.

Increase Efficiency and Output – By utilizing Radiant as a co-pilot, junior analysts, including interns and entry-level team members, can significantly enhance your SOC’s productivity. This allows you to hire less experienced but readily available staff members, reducing the strain on hiring managers.

Improve Analyst Morale & Retention

Hiring team members is incredibly difficult. The simplest way to ease hiring pressure is to keep the ones you already have.

Eliminate Tedium – Radiant automates repetitive and time-consuming tasks, such as alert triage, which can drain morale. This allows team members to focus on more meaningful and engaging work.

Unlock Time for Engaging Projects – Rather than spending the day chasing false positives, analysts can dedicate their time to exciting initiatives like security hardening and threat hunting. By freeing up cycles from mundane tasks, Radiant empowers analysts to make valuable contributions.

Accomplish More, with Fewer Headcount

Leveraging AI and automation maximizes the productivity of your team, reducing the need for additional headcount to achieve KPIs.

Enhance Productivity – Radiant’s autonomous triage, automated impact analysis, and automated containment and remediation significantly amplify your analysts’ output. With Radiant as a co-pilot, your team will reach new levels of productivity.

Alleviate Workloads – Up to 95% of analysts’ work involves false positives. While this work cannot be disregarded, it can be completely automated, allowing your team to concentrate on genuine threats and higher-value tasks.

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