AI-based XDR Alternative

Uncover sophisticated attacks, perform root cause analysis and incident impacts using the power of AI—without the hassle inherent to XDRs.

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XDRs Require Huge Efforts but Deliver Mediocre Outcomes

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    Laborious Setup & Tuning

    XDR implementation demands substantial time and effort, posing significant challenges in achieving its value-driven outcomes.

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    XDRs Make More Work

    XDRs often create additional, often low fidelity alerts, which security analysts must triage. The net result is increased work volumes.

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    Poor Signal to Noise Ratio

    The low fidelity, high volume nature of XDR alerts, while better than SIEM, often still hampers analyst efforts to make the results an actionable, insightful part of the security operations processes.

Reduce Security Debt

XDRs increase the number of alerts faced by security analysts, including a significant amount of false positives. Contrary to their intended purpose, this influx of alerts exacerbates workloads rather than improving them. Radiant uses AI to review and respond to alerts with an unlimited capacity.

  • Autonomous Alert Triage – Radiant provides limitless triage capacity using its AI-based engine to automatically select and perform dozens to hundreds of additional tests in order to determine an alert’s maliciousness.
  • Automated Impact Analysis – A timely and accurate understanding of what transpired in an incident is crucial to proper response. Radiant autonomously determines root cause analysis and uncovers all affected users, devices, and applications, for every incident. This ensures no parts of an attack are missed during response.
  • Intelligently Respond – When an incident is deemed to be malicious, Radiant develops a customized response plan that will contain, remediate, and improve resiliency to the specific security issues uncovered by the impact analysis. This ensures that the full attack chain is effectively addressed, even if it involves multiple attack types, users, or devices.

Uncover Sophisticated Attacks

XDRs aim to detect advanced attacks, providing a valuable lens for interpreting security data. However, they often fall short in delivering on this promise, leaving security analysts with the arduous task of wading through false positives and conducting investigation and root cause analysis.

  • Detect Through Visibility– While security tools may detect threats, oftentimes their alerts get lost amidst noise. Radiant uncovers sophisticated attacks by deeply investigating every single alert, from every security product to ensure nothing is missed.
  • Understand Root Cause – Radiant autonomously determines root cause analysis and uncovers all affected users, devices, and applications, for every incident. This ensures no parts of an attack are missed during response.

Effectively Automate Remediation

It’s often unclear what to do with XDR results and they lack effective response automation. This necessitates either incorporating a separate SOAR system with the added complexities and overhead that entails, or relying on costly MDR services. Radiant offers effective, automated response for all uncovered issues.

  • Threat Centric Response – Radiant determines the root cause of every incident it investigates as well as the full incident impact and scope of the attack. Based on these findings Radiant creates and can execute a custom response plan to address each security issue using your existing tooling.
  • Intelligent Automation – Radiant offers multiple levels of automation to perform effective responses within your comfort level. Options include instructions for security analysts on how to manually resolve issues using your tools, one-click resolution of items from Radiant, or fully-automated response.

Eliminating Maintenance Overhead

XDR tools often require significant setup and tuning effort in order to deliver value. This may involve creating and troubleshooting parsers, rebalancing scores and thresholds, tuning rules and models and more. Radiant works out of the box with no need for customization or ongoing maintenance.

  • Turnkey Automation – Radiant‘s does not require customization to inspect security alerts and perform triage, investigation, and remediation autonomously from day one. Radiant is up and running within minutes via API integration, sparing you from the high implementation effort typically associated with XDRs.
  • Maintenance Free Operation – Radiant is constantly adjusting to changes in the attack landscape, your organizational activity, security best practices, vendor APIs, and more. This approach eliminates maintenance by automatically managing and updating the system without your team needing to get involved.

Reduce Security Operations Spend

XDRs are very expensive to operate. Costs include licensing fees, data fees, dedicated headcount for operation and maintenance, etc. The AI-driven nature of Radiant drives down costs in all of these areas to slash the total cost of ownership to a fraction of that of an XDR.

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