AI-based MDR Alternative

Obtain unlimited triage, investigation, and remediation capacity with high quality, more consistency, and less cost than MDRs by leveraging the power of AI.

MDRs are Expensive, & Still Leave You Doing Most of the Work

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    You Still Do the Hard Work

    The hardest, most time intensive parts of security operations like investigation and response aren’t covered by MDRs.

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    Expensive by Nature

    MDRs expand your capacity by hiring skilled, hard-to-hired, and expensive security staff. These costs get passed on to you.

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    Limited Transparency

    MDRs offer minimal visibility into their decision-making process, the checks conducted, and the actions taken and what alerts were filtered out or left unaddressed.

Get More of the Work Done

MDRs fall short in addressing the complete incident life cycle. While they usually provide alert triage, they often leave the investigation, containment, and remediation (the hardest and most time-consuming work) to clients.

  • Autonomous Alert Triage – Radiant provides unlimited triage capacity using its AI-based engine to automatically select and perform dozens to hundreds of additional tests in order to determine an alert’s maliciousness.
  • Automated Impact Analysis – A timely and accurate understanding of what transpired in an incident is crucial to proper response. Radiant autonomously determines root cause analysis and uncovers all affected users, devices, and applications, for every incident. This ensures no parts of an attack are missed during response.
  • Intelligently Respond – When an incident is deemed to be malicious, Radiant develops a customized response plan that will contain, remediate, and improve resiliency to the specific security issues uncovered by the impact analysis. This ensures that the full attack chain is effectively addressed, even if it involves multiple attack types, users, or devices.
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More Accurate & Consistent Results

MDRs’ results vary based on the analyst handling the task and their familiarity with your systems, experiences, and skill sets. Inconsistent conclusions from different analysts and even the same analyst at different times hinder effective and efficient security operations.

  • Software-based Repeatability – Radiant is based on software, not human analysts, and as such offers high levels of predictability and consistency because variables such as institutional knowledge, processes, and understanding of the threat landscape are held constant.
  • Seasoned like the best – Radiant’s AI engine continuously learns about your environment, the threat landscape, and security best practices, replicating the skill set and system familiarity of a seasoned analyst. Using this knowledge Radiant automatically manages and updates itself without your team needing to get involved.
Repeatable incident analysis

Effective Starting Day One

MDRs often require months or quarters to fully onboard and develop an in-depth understanding of a customer’s environment. Moreover, staffing changes at an MDR often reboot this process of acquiring institutional knowledge for effective triage, investigation, containment, and remediation, robbing the partnership of effectiveness.

  • Continuous learning – Radiant ingests telemetry data from your organization to rapidly learn normal operating activity, obtaining a high degree of familiarity that would take MDR analysts months or years to accumulate. As your organization changes, Radiant automatically learns your new normal. This helps provide meaningful context within which to evaluate alerts and incidents.
  • No Staff Changes – Since Radiant is powered by AI, not human analysts, there is no chance that churn or staffing changes will restart learning and rob the effectiveness of the solution. This means Radiant will continue to deliver great results whether it’s day one or year five.

Obtain Complete Transparency

MDRs typically only escalate malicious alerts, providing no record of what actions were taken, what got filtered out or deemed a false positive. This lack of information makes it challenging for customers to comprehend the reasoning behind the conclusions and what next steps still need to be taken.

  • Transparent Insights – Unlike MDRs, Radiant offers complete visibility into each identified malicious alert. You gain a clear understanding of the tests performed, the resulting analysis, why something was deemed malicious and the recommended corrective actions.
  • Complete Audit Trail – With an MDR you only see the alerts they decide to escalate and have no visibility into whether alerts were filtered out, deemed false positives, or how those conclusions were made. With Radiant every alert is scrutinized and all results available to you. This provides assurance of accurate completion and serves as verifiable evidence for auditing purposes
Alert triage results provide transparency
Autonomously triage, investigate